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The company's talent concept is: "everyone is the best and the best is the best."
The company believes that there is no useless person, as long as you make progress, as long as you give you the full trust, give you the space to exert, do your best, make your dream come true, and bring up your common brilliance with the enterprise.
Build a strong learning atmosphere in the enterprise, cultivate employees'sustainable development ability, and use learning as the highest realm of learning, encourage employees to learn in the work, improve in the work, to achieve post success. Competent personnel are talents and pioneering talents are talents.

Excellent moral character and talent are the criteria of Huangshan Capsule. Huangshan Capsule always respects talents. It pays attention to the cultivation of staff loyalty, dedication, cooperation and fraternity. It also pays attention to the improvement of staff working ability and performance, and the accumulation of knowledge.

Emphasis should be laid on selecting talents under the same rules, insisting on horse racing instead of horse racing, focusing on employing talents and putting the right people in the right positions. At the same time, the company provides employees with career development sequence channel, so that employees with expertise can have the opportunity to show their talents, and pay attention to the cultivation of employees'competitive awareness, the implementation of the "competent top, the mediocre let, the mediocre down" employment mechanism, so that each employee can have their own work, so that people can do their best.

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